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Collision Services

Aluminum Repair Shop

The use of aluminum in vehicle manufacturing is becoming more prevalent in the luxury car market. The use of aluminum allows car companies to keep the weight of their vehicle down. This enhances performance and fuel economy without compromising strength and durability in the vehicles body structure. The way these vehicles are manufactured is very different from the methods used in steel bodies. Because of this, repair methods also, are very different. Vehicle manufacturers are adamant about having these cars repaired at qualified facilities with the proper equipment and trained technicians. Mid Island Collision is designated as a certified aluminum structural repair facility for the Mercedes Benz CL Class, and the Jaguar XJ8. We have also completed training and have all equipment specified by BMW to repair its new 5 and 6 series cars.

Paint Shop

The two down draft spray booth’s we use to refinish vehicles and the factory approved paint system allows us to reproduce the original finish on your car. Our spray booth’s introduce completely filtered air from above the vehicle and exhausts the spray mist and fumes from below. This process removes the dust particles from the air which cause imperfections in the paint surface. After the painting process is completed, the spray booth goes into a bake mode. This process cures the paint film producing a factory like finish in both appearance and durability. Glasurit is the name of the paint we use. This is an approved paint system for Mercedes Benz, BMW, and many other European car manufactures. Glasurit’s two stage clear coat paint system gives us the ability to obtain excellent color matching on all European cars.

Frame & Body Shop

Our spacious and well organized frame and body shop is equipped with the latest technology, including:
Eight frame and unibody alignment machines. Included are Celette fixture benches recommended by Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo and Jaguar for repairing their vehicles.
Factory style spot welders that duplicate the welds made when your car was built, both in appearance and strength.
Specialized equipment to handle super high strength alloys such as Boron Steel which is becoming more prevalent in luxury car manufacturing.
Electronic frame and unibody measuring. This type of equipment allows us to correct any unibody distortion caused in a collision back to factory specifications.

Front End Shop

One of the most important functions in the repair process is the wheel alignment. Mid Island Collision performs all wheel alignments in-house. Our wheel alignment and suspension shop is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure a proper and precise wheel alignment. Today’s sophisticated suspensions employ computerized steering, air ride suspension, all wheel drive and anti-lock breaking systems. It takes qualified technicians with the right training and equipment to ensure your vehicle will handle and perform safely after a collision repair has been completed.